Perc validating devices domain

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The media transport protocol commonly used is RTP (RFC3550).

There are various signaling systems used to establish these multi-party conferences.

Mielőtt elkezdené telepíteni az Azure AD Connect szolgáltatást, bizonyosodjon meg róla, hogy letöltötte az Azure AD Connectet, és elvégezte az Azure AD Connect: Hardware and prerequisites (Azure AD Connect: hardver és előfeltételek) témakörben leírt lépéseket.This is not a task to learn on the job or to just poke at it.We accept no responsiblity for damage to data resulting from misuse of these notes. The failed system was a Dell server with a PERC 2 RAID controller running Windows Server 2003.This trust model has limitations and prevents or hampers deployment of secure RTP conferencing in a multitude of cases, including outsourcing, legal requirements on confidentiality, and utilization of virtualized servers.Thus, a new architectural model and related specifications are needed, with a focused effort from the RTP and Security communities.

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