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If you don’t know within the first year, the chances are, this person is not right for you.Ladies, here’s a guy secret: He knows within the first few weeks if your marriage material, he know’s within the first year if he wants to marry you. Believe me when you see what you want it doesn’t take long to move on it.If a woman is dating a man for 10 years (or more), she has every right to ask that man if marriage is on the table.Ideally, she’d ask before a decade of her life passes by, but at some point the question needs to be asked.

We have broken up a couple times but for no more then a couple weeks at a time.My opinion is that she needs to move on because her needs are not being met in that relationship.It does not take 10 years to know if you want to marry a person.Yes, this is most certainly one of those “easier said than done” situations, but I mostly find that to be a convenient excuse not to make the tough decision.Often times women declare reasons for staying like “I’ve invested so much time in this relationship I don’t want to start over now” or “I don’t want to walk away from him now and then he marries the next chick that comes along.” But if a woman wants to be married and has waited 10 (or more) years in hopes of eventually being married to that man, it’s probably not going to happen.

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There is one catch: if you spend time in a state that does recognize common law marriage, “hold yourself out as married,” and then return or move to a state that doesn’t recognize it, you are still married (since states all recognize marriages that occurred in other states).

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