Dating or relationship dilemma who is magnus dating

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I think (others might disagree) that ethical issues always come down to being kind or unkind—behaving in ways that are likely to injure others or likely to avoid such injury.

For some people, this doesn’t matter; for others, the gulf is too wide. Building a relationship with someone whose Christian life is very different to our own, and with whom we may disagree profoundly on theological issues, can be very challenging.We want people to enjoy relationships, to strengthen good relationships and be blessed in a way that God wants us to be through our relationships.We want to support those dealing with failed relationships and romantic rejection by offering useful and biblical advice.I’m wondering if it can ever really work between us.’ I once made a throwaway comment in one of my Christian Connection blogs about people missing out on love because of differences as ‘trifling’ as denomination.The good members of CC were quick to point out that while we may all share a common faith (and some aren’t even sure about that!

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We don’t promise to solve every relationship issue or foolishly offer a ‘10 easy steps for finding love’, but the Relationship Dilemma Project is a place to keep exploring and asking questions.

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