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The notion that Paul could have hidden other needs and activities from her arises when she discovers he was collaborating on a sculpture project with Allison (Anna Margaret Hollyman), an art school grad student as pushily “open” in her grieving emotions as Claire is defensively closed-off.

episode, “Swift Hardhearted Stone,” is surprisingly emotional.

The season, starring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Productions. Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mac Kenzie (Catherine Bell), a tenacious, by-the-book marine, and Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr.

Finally, Harm and Mac must confront their feelings for one-another as they are offered promotions that will lead to their separation, Mac is assigned to Joint Legal Forces Southwest, and Harm is offered a Captain's billet in London ("Fair Winds and Following Seas").Borden is called in for a psych consult for that same little girl.The tenth and final season of JAG premiered on CBS on September 24, 2004, and concluded on April 29, 2005.When Brooke asked his name before the surgery he only replied, "She's in good hands." Later, once the operation was over, he revealed his name to Brooke as Ethan.The sudden disappearance of a family member is usually a springboard for thriller conventions in film.

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